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  • Drainage design
  • Mold Removal
  • Crawlspace encapsulation
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Welcome to the Crawlspace Expert home page.  Our service is to find the cause of mystery under your house and provide a procedure to Fix the source and restore the damage.  Our team of experts  will provide you with complete inspection including the source of moisture. Step by step fix procedure and a detailed estimate of the go rate in your area.  We can also recommend contractors that are best for your case.

Crawlspace Moisture In Wilmington North Carolina

Since moisture is one of the critical requirements for mold growth, and can be controlled, it is a logical strategy. In order to be effective the humidity levels in the structure must be aggressively lowered and maintained. The necessary relative humidity level is determined by the coldest surface area in the structure. In Northern climates the foundation can be considered the coldest surface during humid periods, because the ground temperature remains approximately 520F. In the South, portions of the air conditioning duct work probably represents the coldest points. The air in the structure must be dehumidified to a dew point (saturation temperature) lower than these coldest spots.

The biggest mistakes people make with Crawl Space!

  • Crawl into standing water while the power is still on.
  • Delay drying (with the present of moisture and food source, one spore can generate into 1 million in 24 hours and form mold colonies).
  • Fix the damage before proper drying. (verify its dry by a professional)
  • Open crawlspaces vents while dehumidifier is running.
  • Fill in sand outside the curtain wall.
  • Ignore Sprinkler spraying on structure
  • Fill mulch close to the wall
  • Remove the vapor barrier
  • Blowing air and spreading the contaminated area
  • Ignore mold (musty smell indicate microbial growth, microorganism lean to defend themselves, and new generation come back stronger every time you use bleach) 
  • Hiring the first random contractor available. Since clear decision is absent in desperate time.
  • We would like you to know, in case of unfortunate water damage circumstance. Sano Steam offers 24 hr emergency water extraction and quick drying. They bill your insurance company direct. Note their number in your emergency list or keep this reminder where it can be found 313-0633. 

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